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$$ Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Movie

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online The thousands of film team who designed the film's visible results display that we are at last in the age of truly photorealistic CGI. While it's clearly possible to perform out which areas of certain series are electr

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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Near the end of the movie, the Enterprise, crippled and on the edge of destruction, spent a long time falling toward Earth from the Moon, and during all that time not a single ship shows up to help, even though they are at the very heart of the Federation. It's like no one noticed a ship the size of football stadium plummeting toward the planet. That was so weird it actually threw me out of the story trying to figure it out; I thought for a moment the villain used it to transport himself to a ship in orbit, which would have made a lot more sense. I forgot that transwarp beaming was established in the first reboot movie. I'm willing to admit this was an error on my part,





Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie though the idea of having that capability in a box the size of an accordian seems a bit silly. Also, it still would've made more sense for Khan to have just used a regular ship; it would've avoided the disorientation of the audience. Well, me, certainly.] There were others, but I don't feel the need to go into too many details, because, honestly, they were secondary to the real reasons this movie didn't resonate with me. So, Star Trek Into Darkness. The new Trek movie. Big summer blockbuster. Lots of box office, lots of buzz.

Yeah, that. I didn't like it.

Now, I didn't hate it. It was fun, and entirely watchable. But, well, I just didn't actively like it. It was OK for a fast-paced action movie where you can just watch and go along for the ride, but as a Trek movie it fell short. I think this reboot series still has a lot of promise, but this movie, for me, was just marking time.

Here's why. Obviously, there are big fat spoilers here, and the movie does ride on a lot of the mysteries. So if you don't want the flick ruined for you, go look at something else for a while. Also obviously, what follows are opinions. A lot of my friends are saying they liked or even loved this movie. That's great! It just didn't strike me the same way. Fairly warned be thee, says I. Let me take a moment to note that usually I like to point out the science errors of a movie in my reviews. This didn't have too many, and most were not that important. For example, I don't think solidifying the lava in a volcano will get it to stop erupting; in fact, it'll make it explode like a bomb due to bottling up all the pressure inside (retcon: maybe the "cold fusion bomb" prevents that). At the climactic battle they say they're 237,000 kilometers from Earth, but wind up near the Moon; I suspect someone mixed up kilometers and miles (the Moon is 238,000 miles from Earth, which is 380,000 kilometers or so). Also, do the math: It's 2259, and they say Khan was born 300 years ago. Um, what?

[Update (May 17, 16:30 UTC): A few folks have pointed out that in the original series, Khan and the Eugenics Wars happened in the 20th century, so that birthdate is about right. I will grant you that, but givien it's 2013 and the wars haven't happened yet, that was still a werid thing to say. They could have changed it; after all, they changed the way Klingons and their ships look and there's no reason for that in the rebooted timeline of Trek.]

For the most part I didn't have too big a problem with these booboos. But I did have a problem with some of the internal Trek science, like a transwarp box that can transport you across interstellar space instantly.


I think the movie suffered from two problems: things happened which made no sense, and it had something I call "too-much-stuffism". The latter is why it didn't work for me as an action movie, and the former why it didn't work for me as a Trek movie.

For example, the movie opens with the crew on a planet (sadly, named Nibiru), where they are sent to do a survey. They find out a volcano is about to explode, which will wipe out the indigenous (and primitive) humanoids there. So they hide the Enterprise under the ocean, use a shuttle to get Spock inside the volcano, and he plants that cold fusion bomb that will freeze the erupting lava in place, saving the planet.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Megavideo Of course, it all goes wrong. Spock gets stranded, and they can't beam him back due to interference from the planet's magnetic field unless they get in a line of sight on him. So they fly the Enterprise over the volcano, and beam Spock out-who protests this, saying it will violate the Prime Directive if the natives see the ship.

This scene was fun to watch, I'll admit, but the whole thing makes no sense. Why put the ship under water, instead of orbit directly above the volcano? That would give them line-of-sight, and they could've beamed Spock there and back safely without being seen as anything more than a bright light in the sky. And why not just beam the bomb into the volcano in the first place? Also, saving those humanoids all by itself was a violation of the Prime Directive, but Spock didn't seem to have too big a problem with that.

Like I said, the scene doesn't make any (pardon the expression) logical sense. And the whole movie is like that. I could make a laundry list of examples, but I won't belabor it.

OK, fine, I'll belabor one example; I can't help myself.

Things like that draw me out of the movie. It's easy to forgive one or two of those, but it just kept happening all throughout the flick.

All of this boils down to story telling. There was a real story in this movie, and a good one, but it was never really allowed to bloom. And then it got buried in the too-much-stuffism.

For example, right after Kirk "dies", Spock has to chase down Khan, who tries to crash his ship into Starfleet HQ, and then escapes, and then is chased by Spock, and then they jump from flying car to flying car, and then they fight, and then Uhura zaps him, and then Spock beats him up, and then and then and then.

I literally wanted to yell, "Stop!" It was too much. It wasn't Starfleet people using their brains to outwit or out-bluff their opponent, it was just action without any overarching strategy.

Now I know that this will sound like a get-off-my-lawn kind of moment, but seriously: Trek isn't supposed to be about this kind of stuff. Trek is about the relationship of the characters and the grander theme of exploration. It's also a meta-story about us. At its best it was a deeply thoughtful mythology about ourselves and our conflicts, an allegory of our modern problems and flaws of humanity-war, greed, bigotry, narcissism-and how we overcome them, told as science fiction. That's why we're still telling these stories nearly 50 years later.

This movie wasn't any of that. To quote the great story-teller Homer (Simpson, that is): It was just a bunch of stuff that happened. Fight scene, battle scene, people running, conversations, then more fighting. It had the elements of Trek, but that signal was shouted down by the noise.

A big part of what made the original movies work was the way these old friends interact. In the new timeline they're not yet old friends, of course, but in this movie there wasn't a lot of progress made in that direction.

In my opinion-worth what you've paid for it, certainly-if and when they make a third installment, they should focus on that. Strengthen the ties that bind this crew together. Over-the-top action movies have diminishing returns, diminishing value with each sequel. But think on this: Star Trek has 13 movies in the franchise. It has that staying power because of the established back story, and because of the characters, because of their history. If these new movies can tap into that, deeply and not just superficially (and rehashing it) like it did here, then it can breathe new life into this grand mythos yet. Strangely enough, Star Trek Into Darkness left me thinking of commedia dell'arte, a form of comedic improvisation from Italy where performers used stock characters and masks. Much of the pleasure and tension found in Star Trek: the Newer Generation comes from watching the characters play into our expectations and then exceed them. Kirk, Bones, Spock: we know them. Not just because many of us grew up with these characters, but also because they are archetypes: the rebellious leader, the cool logician, the country doctor.

In the hands of a lesser director and writers, glibness could creep into the roles and their relationships. But instead what cuts through the shiny lens flare is the warmth these actors share.

Last week I had a chance to speak with John Cho, who plays Sulu. The actor, who originally planned on teaching English, said what he learned from Abrams was the concept of family. These type of summer blockbusters are only as strong as the relationships that bind them. What sets Trek apart is the emotional bonds between the players.

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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online the exciting part also touches on topics such as moral behavior and sense of duty. In conclusion, we supplement Abrams has proven to Star Trek Into Darkness that he can deal well with science fiction and so is the excitement aroused his interpretation of Star Wars, which begins with the choice of his consistently beautiful actors and actresses, and even in the most hopeless situation of a plane crash on a desert island - or later, a spaceship that without drive, bursting with creaking and cracking the shell, from which the last steaming oxygen escapes to racing on a planet - has yet clarified strange and constructed like a glossy photograph of an expensive magazine.





Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Full Movie After the crew of the Enterprise is brought back home, she Findt an unstoppable force of terror in their own organization, which destroyed the entire fleet, and everything for which she stands. The world is in crisis. A personal account begleichend, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt on a war-zone planet to catch a human weapon of mass destruction. ( Watch Star Trek into Darkness 2 Online ) When our heroes are drawn into an epic chess game of life and death, love is put to the test, torn apart friendships. Kirk must make sacrifices for the only family he has left: his crew. Hollywood's Golden Boy Jeffrey Jacob Abrams horsing around in many genres and is also brave enough and willing to put his own stamp cult classics and will, which is not necessarily always comes across particularly well. ( Watch Star Trek 2 Online Free ) This man was the mastermind behind the mystery series Alias, Lost and Fringe, this man produced Cloverfield and this man ventured to the classic Mission Impossible and Star Trek. Latter he leads, two years after his last alien directing Super 8, into the darkness. All his works have in common that they follow its own particular aesthetic and stylistic,



Abrams works, whether on Lost, Alias ​​and Star Trek Into Darkness with symbols and metonymy: Someone is three meters through the air in a battle that ends up writhing in pain, is entered more times before he highly streamlined and the Pr ügelei brachial continues and that someone carries out in that fight a symbolic scratches on cheek or forehead, which is combines the dangers of combat and has minimal impact on other Abrams beaming through const overall composition. ( Download Star Trek 2 Movie Free ) JJ Abrams cinematography is far from replicating the reality, neither in action nor in the presentation of his adventures, but this appears never Abrams goal. ( Download Star Trek into Darkness Movie ) He wants to provide exciting and emotionally touching stories in impeccable images and at least in this illustration succeeds completely. It would be unfair, it would only reduce his style to the excessive use of transition effects when these are not too short and on the bridge of the Enterprise. It must be before the sighting of an Abrams film made aware if you can get involved with his only-plant functioning staging of reality, because communication with the recognition or rejection of JJ Abrams film style that stands out much of his work. Can you get involved, a fun and deliciously entertaining space adventure is also in Star Trek Into Darkness nothing in the way.

Despite the linguistic stereotypes that have been ascribed to the internationally peacefully cooperating the Enterprise crew, the chemistry of the young crew convinced on the bridge. ( Watch Star Trek into Darkness 2 online ) The young Kirk, played by an often criticized in this role Chris Pine is, and as in Abrams hydrolysis with Star Trek, torn between self-sacrifice, compliance with rules, moral choices and the consequences that pull his actions according to . For all the criticism, which is accused of Chris Pine, one must not forget his performance at Kirk in which giant, grown mainly by the passage of time, shadows, and William Shatner's cult status it must operate. ( Watch Star Trek 2 Online Free ) As a newcomer to find the weapons expert Dr. Carol Marcus, played by Alice Eve, on the Enterprise, which will be staged next to Uhura (Zoe Saldana) as a second strong female character with their own moral reasons, but there remains little pale. As in the first part of the alleged actor Chris Pine, and with him actually the entire crew, but set by a young Spock, excellent Zachary Quinto in scene, relegated to the shadows and representational level, Quinto in Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness least a worthy opponent found.

Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Ahead of a great mystery around the character Cumberbatchs was created, instigated a debate whether his role John Harrison really was not now the great antagonist Khan. The answer to this question is not given here, but they are not necessary in utter irrelevance. Benedict Cumberbatch plays John Harrison initially cool, emotionless and superior. ( Download Star Trek 2 Movie Free ) With increasing uncovering his motives Cumberbatch falls into a rage is aggressive, manic and furious, pointing to an acting level a convincing villain, as it has not yet seen the galaxy. The cast Cumberbatchs Abrams has certainly been the greatest genius in Star Trek Into Darkness. ( Download Star Trek into Darkness Movie ) In times in which the antagonists often try mainly through their digital processing to remain in memory and are condemned by their insignificant quantity in countless blockbusters to failure, it is simply great to see such a villain is by the brilliant character representation in memory. One is tempted to consider Benedict Cumberbatchs figure as the space-interpretation of the latest Bond villain (Javier Bardem) in Skyfall. In addition to his aura all the other characters on screen at a merciless schattendasein are vergattert, only Zachary Quinto as Spock begin to climb in the position of this shadow and take the fight to Cumberbatch and so are Star Trek Into Darkness also the most intense moments of an interaction those two actors.

JJ Abrams had a hand long-established Star Trek to inspire with his Star Trek remake the difficult task of fans, on the other hand, to reach people who could do with Star Trek little so far and do not speak Klingon as a second language. ( Watch Star Trek into Darkness 2 Online ) The former group could also use this, sometimes almost soap opera-like second Abrams Star Trek movie have their difficulties, all others get a successful science fiction epic that lives next to excellent digital effects mainly by the two brilliant actors Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch, whose duel can also look across to smaller screenplay weaknesses. ( Watch Star Trek 2 Online Free ) Star Trek Into Darkness may not enter into the annals of science fiction in the long term, with other recent blockbuster productions keeps this film but effortlessly. Who can come to terms with Abrams aesthetics, gets an entertaining, but entertaining and well-staged trip to the final frontier, And closer to world peace, as the two opposites Star Trek and Star Wars together under one director, humanity will probably not come in the next two millennia.

"When it came to 2009 and the J.J. restart, it was just an exciting chance of activities," Burtt informed MTV Information. "They had actually gone through post-production on the film and had a mix of the film, but something about it they weren't satisfied with. (Star Trek Into Darkness Watch) And they found out I was in city - I was operating on something with ‘Wall-E,' I think - and they requested if I'd come over and just observe it, pay attention to it and provides them some recommendations."

Burtt tested the film and instantly provided Abrams his professional views. "I had written it all up in a little review and said, ‘Here's what I think. Here's what I think is right, and here's what I think is not so excellent, and here's what I would recommend to fix it,' that type of factor."

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free Burtt progressively became more engaged in the venture until he was completely engrossed to create and remaking appears to be for "Star Trek." "I desired to take properly, not come in and be a bad guy and just throw factors out and be conceited about it," Burtt said. "But luckily the team that had proved helpful on it, (Star Trek Into Darkness Watch Online) they couldn't have been more gallant about it and let me take over, and with their help, we created it into, I believed, a much better-sounding film."

Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie - Since then, Burtt has reteamed with Abrams for "Super 8″ as well as his newest attempt, "Star Trek Into Darkness." For the "Trek" films, Burtt has endeavored to merge the old and the new. "I've tried to use technological innovation and strategy from the '60s to create the appears to be, in the desires that what I create will look like in some way the design of the unique display," he said.

The ever-present transporter, used to ray figures up and down from the U.S.S. Business. (Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Watch Online) Burtt described that the existing transporter audio has three components. "There's some beeps, which are intensely echoed, and they're in the same message and sign-up as what you might be familiar with in the unique display," he said.

And while exploring the appears to be from the traditional sequence, Burtt found that they were designed with a Hammond note body. (Star Trek Into Darkness 2013 Movie Watch Online) "Going returning and getting some body files and enjoying with it, I was able to design some factors very just like the transporter, perhaps exactly the same way, so that's in there," he described.

The crowning glory was the inclusion of a audio factor to coordinate a new visual: "There's a little bit of electric ignite included to it, because the visible impact now is a little more effective," Burtt said. "Instead of just being a glistening of sparkle, (Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie) it kind of whirls around the personality, and so there's a little bit of electric arcing in there, leading to, which is actually a documenting I created of the old ‘Frankenstein' items from the 1931 film."

Burtt found the proprietor of the items years ago. "We shortened with him to history all his gadgets that deliver initiates around the space," he said. "I'm always dropping into those files, because there's nothing else like it. (Star Trek Into Darkness Download) You want some type of very hot electric impact, well there it is."

Working on "Trek," Burtt was careful of the point that much of what individuals like about the restart has to do with the combination of the clean and the acquainted. (Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Download) "I've taken the same strategy with the audio," he said. "I've tried to create all new appears to be for everything, such as the transporter, but recognize how it initially seemed and do something that develops out of that."

The opinions for "Star Trek into Darkness" are arriving in. The Post's Ann Hornaday creates that the film can be "summed up, quite basically, as a victory of launching." While The Verge's Bryan Bishop creates that the film is one "where nobody ever truly seems in jeopardy' and that, consequently, "never generates the benefits it's attaining for."

The series has been reliable energy to the science-fiction globe for many. (Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Online) It has also motivated a variety of technological innovation, with the Tricorder X Award to "[empower] individual healthcare" one of the newest and most immediate sources to the imaginary technological innovation.

If you are thinking what a 30- to 60-minute java time frame with The apple company CEO Tim Prepare is value, (Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie) it's $610,000. Well, that is what an public auction for such a meeting shut for  Wednesday, according to TUAW's Eileen Grothaus. The public auction was performed on CharityBuzz, and the name of the champion has not been launched. The resources will go to the RFK Middle for Privileges and Individual Privileges, which is operating a sequence of celebrity-related on the internet auctions, (Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Online) along with a non-speaking walk-on part in Jim Carrey's next film and a individual trip of Jay Leno's car selection and a "ToDarkness Show" behind the scenes meeting.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free Putlocker Augmented truth, fulfill 3D publishing. (Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie) The two technological innovation have been mixed in Ultimarker, designed by Nederlander specialist Sander Veenhof and developer Joris van Tubergen. Ultimarker reveals what item is being printed on a display, say a product, superimposed over videos clip nourish of a real-life 3D publishing device as it publishing the item. Think of it as an ultra improvement bar for your 3D publishing device.

Reddit is presenting a new function for its top quality members that allows them to merge several subreddits into one tab, or multireddit. As VentureBeat's Tom Cheredar opinions, this is the first big modify to reddit's home web page, commonly termed as "the home web page of the Online," in years. (Star Trek Into Darkness Watch Movie Online) The performance had persisted before, as Cheredar notices, but was not as structured as the new function, which is also shareable.

As news whirls around the gossip that Search engines will launch a songs loading assistance at this season's I/O meeting, Silly Punk's new history, "Random Accessibility Remembrances," is loading on iTunes. (Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie) The publishing of the complete history comes soon after a bootlegged duplicate was published on the internet well before the May Twenty-first launch. The history has had an comprehensive roll-out, presenting videos clip sequence of discussions with collaborators who signed up with the robotic-helmeted France duo in developing the perform. If you are hearing, let us know what you think in content. Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Movie 2013

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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online As with the first film, Sulu's time onscreen is all-too brief, and Chekov's role seems to be played for laughs. And some of the science is dubious (though not nearly so much as, say, Prometheus). Really, just how far away are the places Kirk and crew travel to? It should take more than a few minutes to get there. Still, there are a few missteps: The first few scenes could absolutely use some trimming, and the first half hour runs on impulse power rather than warp. I still have mixed feelings about the reboot of Star Trek. But STID has gone a long way towards making me accept and even feel enthusiastic about the future adventures of this more youthful Enterprise.




Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free With a stronger sense of self-assurance and more confident acknowledgement of the original source, this film earns the respect of old-school Trek fans in a way that the previous film did not. After countless ifs and buts about "who that character is" and "who goes there", the time has finally arrived to see the release of Star Trek Into Darkness....... and oh boy, was it worth the wait!

I sit here, with my official Starfleet badge (free with a large combo at the cinema...worth every penny!), trying to come to terms with the awesomeness I have just observed. Never have I looked forward to going back to the cinema to see it again... and again... and again...

Star Trek Into Darkness follows Captain Kirk once again as he continues his duties aboard the Starship Enterprise. However someone is standing in his way. John Harrison, played by the wonderfully British Benedict Cumberbatch, is one of the big baddies that you'd want to watch out for, causing havoc in London and fleeing far into the stars with Kirk and his crew in close pursuit. With breath taking CGI, amazing fight and space flight scenes and the unexpected visit of a Tribble, this makes for one of the must-see films of the year.

To add to the awesomeness of this film, there's another plot twist. Films this year seem to be filled with them, but with the exception that: 1) This is a good twist and 2) Some people may have seen this one coming. However, with lots of mini twists and turns, you will never be bored in this film. I highly recommend seeing this in 3D, not just because 3D looks good, in this case it works to the film's advantage, blending seamlessly with the CGI. It feels like you are actually there in the most realistic way you could be without being sucked into the vacuum of space.

To make this film even more amazing was the fantastic casting. Not only are all your trusted characters back from the first film, you have the additions of Dr. Carol Marcus, a weapons expert who appears to have attracted the eye of Captain Kirk, played by Alice Eve and of course, John Harrison, the big ol' baddie played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Let's just say, I wasn't the only one fan-girl-ing when he first appeared. All you heard was his voice... it was magical.

So we have the storyline, the CGI, the twists and turns and the cast... that just leaves the final verdict.

If I could recommend a better way of spending money I would be reviewing that instead of this. This film is a great example of how fantastic cinema can be when it's done right. Everything is perfect: it's not too long, it brings up points and actually answers them (no cliff-hangers...YES!), the cast is just right and the CGI is enough to make you stop eating your popcorn and just stare in awe... and believe me, I don't stop eating my popcorn for just anything.

All I can say to finish this is: Live Long and Prosper... And stop reading this and go see this film!!!

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Download Let's cut to the chase. Unlike the misfired Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness (STID) is an extremely good Trek film. While not perfect, STID gives us a well-paced and action-filled 132 minutes with all the characters we know and love (Captain James T. Kirk, the Vulcan first officer Spock, the cantankerous doctor McCoy, and the rest of the crew), along with moments film-goers are hoping to see...and more than a few they won't see coming.

If you've never seen classic Star Trek, don't worry. There's science fictional action, drama, and comedy here to make STID worthy of any viewer's time and money. But this movie is particularly fun for fans who recognize some of the references from classic Trek. STID will see your references and raise you a holy-smokes-did-I-just-see-that?

I'm particularly impressed, considering how much I disliked the 2009 movie. (You might want to see it, though, just to get STID's backstory.) Having the time-traveling antagonist Nero sit and wait thirty-five years for revenge was nothing compared to the destruction of the universe I've known and loved my entire life. Specifically, the planet Vulcan was blown off the starmap. It felt as if the filmmakers had said, "Star Trek continuity? Eff that."

Although STID continues to play with the timeline, it manages to pay homage to its source material in a way that's so clever it's practically sublime. Seriously, there are moments of delight wrapped in fabulous wrapped in solid gold awesome.

A brief summary: At the beginning of STID, Captain Kirk (Christopher Pine) breaks the Prime Directive (the order to not interfere with developing cultures) in order to save his friend, Spock. Although the first few scenes in STID were somewhat slow-and the "shout-out" to Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Mustafar scene in Revenge of the Sith were less "shout"-y and more "steal"-y-they're important because it sets Kirk's motivations: He will do anything to save his friends and his ship. Anything. (Clue: This will turn out to be important later.)

After a terrorist attack on a Starfleet facility in London, Kirk is sent after the criminal responsible, the officer-gone-rogue John Harrison. The action doesn't stay on Earth for long. Without giving too much of his nefarious intentions away, Kirk learns that Harrison's plans were set in motion long before the bombing, and the consequences threaten all of Starfleet.Harrison isn't some ordinary raving lunatic, as Captain Kirk quickly learns. No, the character, played by the brilliant Benedict Cumberbatch, is an oasis of calm. His mouth may curl in contempt with every word, but the rest of him is in perfect control, and his stillness says more about how dangerous he is than any of Nero's rantings. But James T. Kirk is equally capable...that is, until he isn't.

And this is where STID superseded my expectations: Kirk, for all of his strengths, frequently fails; his crew come to his rescue as much as, or even more than, he comes to theirs. In Star Trek, he cheated death. In STID, Kirk truly has his Koyabashi-Maru moment-and what a moment. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I don't know if William Shatner could have pulled this off.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Full Movie Does Pine really out-Kirk Shatner? It's impossible to say. All I know is that his Kirk can really kirk ass.

Pine is still not Shatner, but he's now an alternative, not just a substitute; the same is true of the rest of the Enterprise crew. In STID I can begin to believe these actors can grow into the roles in the same-or at least similar-way that the originals did, particularly Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban), who finally gets to chew logic with Spock (Zachary Quinto). Much like Kirk himself, STID has swagger, but the presumptuous arrogance of the first outing has been tempered by experience.

Many other characters do extremely well here. Uhura (Zoe Saldana) proves to be brave and loyal. Newcomer Carol Wallace (Alice Eve) is smart and sexy. But the most unusual character development comes as a result of a falling out between Kirk and, of all people, Scotty (Simon Pegg), the most loyal crewmember in the original series. Kirk and Scotty have a difference of opinion that alters the course of the film in a way that's true to their characters and completely surprising.

In fact, all of the characters in STID act in ways that are true to our expectations of them yet manage to surprise us. What can I say? Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura boldly went where they've never gone before.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free Putlocker But new Trek fans, the ones Paramount hopes to lure to the theaters, will find a lot to enjoy here here too. It's not just about action-although there's action aplenty. It's about the very important question, "What are you prepared to do for your family?"

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online | Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie easily $ Safely

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online And yet there's something particularly hopeless about the tone of both films; unless either (or both) has a climactic deus ex machina, it's likely they'll end with the earth essentially destroyed, no matter how happy the ending is otherwise. "Congratulations!" the message would appear to be, "The day has been saved, but we still killed out planet - call it a semiwin?" Both films are filled with the eye-popping special effects that make for box-office smashes these days, and the presence of such big names as Cruise and Smith won't hurt things, either. There was a stretch of time - from the early 20th century through the beginning of comic books - when science fiction was an exercise in optimism and what is these days referred to as a "can-do" attitude.





Download Star Trek Into Darkness Movie There appeared to be no problem that couldn't be dealt with either by the one-two punch of positive thinking and, well, punching- or by intellect and inspiration: new inventions were dreamed up that automated everyday tasks and made the impossible not only possible but also commonplace. Those madcap galoots, Capt, James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban), are trying to escape a band of chalk-faced aboriginals on the Class-M planet Nibiru. Having broken a Starfleet rule by intervening in a prehistoric civilization, they run for their lives, like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby high-tailing it out of Zanzibar after one of their schemes went kaflooey. Reaching a cliff, with the natives in angry pursuit, Jim and Bones leap desperately toward the water far below. Now they're Butch and Sundance, in every way except for yelling, "Sh---t!" as they plummet to safety. They're just one Enterprise crew member short of being the Three Stooges.

Actually, Moe - Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) - is trapped nearby in an erupting volcano, its spewing lava reminiscent of the kitsch special effects from the 1940 One Million B.C., but in 3-D and gaudy color. Kirk, back on the Enterprise, ignores another Starfleet dictum and flies into the inferno to rescue Spock; the primitive Niribuans gape at the spacecraft with the same perplexed wonder as the apes at the 2001 monolith. When the Enterprise returns to Earth, Rear Admiral Christopher Pike (Bruce Greenwood) demotes Kirk to the Academy and separates him from Spock. Pike might be an exasperated homeroom teacher forced to keep two troublemakers apart - or a father regretting that he gave his reckless teen son the keys to the starship.

I asked myself that question while watching trailers for this summer's crop of sci-fi blockbusters. On the one hand, there's the charmingly titled Oblivion, in which Tom Cruise returns to an earth ruined by ecological disaster and discover new ways in which man's inhumanity toward man has impacted the development of society. On the other hand, there's After Earth (pictured), in which Will Smith and his son return to an earth ruined by ecological disaster and fight for their very survival while confronting their inability to relate as a family.

The zenith of such optimistic science fiction was perhaps the original Star Trek, which presented a vision of humanity that had transcended societal ills like racism and bigotry, resorting to violence only when the situation called for it. (Which, admittedly, seemed to happen on a weekly basis.) Such strong belief in the ability of humanity to overcome its worst impulses continued all the way through the 1980s revival, Star Trek: The Next Generation, with an almost off-puttingly perfect crew demonstrating how boring life could be without outside stimulus.

Of course, Star Trek returned to life with 2009's J.J. Abrams reboot, and there's a new installment this year. Surely Star Trek Into Darkness offers an antidote to dystopian science fiction? The redirecting of Trek into a commentary about the nature of terrorism and revenge is an interesting choice, and one that seems at odds with traditional Star Trek values. That's perhaps intentional; producers have spoken about making this movie for those who don't like Star Trek, and it's clearly been judged that this is the best way to reach new audiences. After all, while the idea of a humanity that's evolved past its basest tendencies may seem far-fetched, the idea of wanting vengeance after a terrorist attack is, in this world, all too easy to understand.

That's the edge that downbeat science fiction has over the more hopeful alternative. It's easier to imagine a world where things go wrong, rather than right, and to believe in a future where we manage to screw it all up.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Such pessimism and fascination with future dystopias really took hold of mainstream sci-fi in the 1970s and '80s, as pop culture found itself struggling with general disillusionment as a whole. Certainly, at the time, there was much to be disillusioned about; the optimism and hope of the late '60s fell apart as the hippie dream of a new Age of Aquarius came face to face with a reality filled with an unpopular war, civil rights riots and all-new reasons to feel suspicious of and disappointed in those in authority, so it's hardly any surprise that the future became a darker, less inviting place.

The problem is, science fiction seems to have become stuck in a rut of hopelessness. It's difficult to remember the last mainstream science-fiction project that didn't include at heavy dollop of cynicism and surrender at its core, and that strikes me as a failure of the genre as a whole. Science fiction is all about imagining the new and unimaginable, surely. If we can't imagine a world that isn't a mess because of what we've done, shouldn't we try harder?

One of these familiar faces is John Cho as helmsman and fencing expert Hikaru Sulu. Though Cho doesn't go into much detail about his character beyond describing the "muscle memory" of sitting down in the pilot's chair once again, he does elaborate a little on the tone and scope of the film, describing it as "Star Trek at its best." As well as the new recruits to the rebooted franchise, a lot of old crewmembers (though they're only "old" in a figurative sense) are also returning for Star Trek Into Darkness. Set for release in summer of 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness is self-described as an explosive action thriller.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Directed by J.J. Abrams, the sequel to his 2009 movie Star Trek begins with a shocking act of terrorism, committed by someone from within Starfleet. In the wake of this act, the Enterprise is called back to Earth where Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) will defy regulations to lead his crew on a manhunt to capture those responsible.

That man may be John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and described as "an unstoppable force of destruction".

As the Enterprise crew warps into the middle of a life or death chess game, their friendships will be sundered, love will be tested, and sacrifices may have to be made in order for James T. Kirk to protect the only family he has left: the members of his crew.

Early on in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness', a stressed-out Jim Kirk says, "I have no idea what I am supposed to do, I only know what I can do." That line clearly emulates JJ Abrams' state of mine stepping into this film, because while the 2009 movie boldly went where no man had gone before, the second one timidly goes where most sequels have gone before.

Riddled with gigantic lapses in logic, blockbuster cliches, feeble characterisation and terrible 3D, ‘Star Trek Into Darkness' is a singularly inert action movie that neither depends on the first film nor makes you wait for the (inevitable) next one. It's a standalone chunk of CGI demo that seems to have recycled ideas that were rejected back in 2009.

Lack of logic is not uncommon with writer Damon Lindelof attached to a project, but this time the problems are even more jarring because of Benedict Cumberbact, who is an awesome, badass villain with a commanding presence, but one who delivers his lines with extreme, committed seriousness through all the specious tomfoolery on display.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free Putlocker Cumberbatch's character hurls a searing, moving monologue, tops that by promising to walk over the heroes' cold corpses, then proceeds to execute a grand plan that has the reasoning and threat level of a five- year-old folding his arms and holding his breath till he gets his candy. Abrams repeatedly tries to pad up the character's lack of backstory and motives with action scenes and is less successful with every subsequent such attempt.

The sequel picks up an unknown amount of time post the first film, Kirk (Chris Pine, still sleeping with attractive aliens) saves Spock's life but gets a demotion after he breaks rules by exposing an ancient civilization to superior technology. Spock (Zachary Quinto) being a half Vulcan is unable to place the value of friendship over company's orders. Soon enough, the team of Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Scotty, Bones, Sulu and Chekov is assembled to catch a mysterious man named John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) who blows up buildings and attacks the Starfleet headquarters.

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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto return as Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, facing up to the threat posed by John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch), a murderous rogue agent whose actions risk triggering all-out war between The Federation and The Klingon Empire. A very strong supporting cast return to flesh out the crew of the Enterprise, led by Zoe Saldana (Uhura), Karl Urban (Bones) and Simon Pegg (Scotty). Star Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams' follow up to his successful 2009 Trek reboot, is as remarkably assured, visually stunning and breathlessly entertaining as its predecessor and should find favour with casual fans and aficionados alike. Star Trek Into Darkness is a 2013 American science fiction action film.





Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie It is the twelfth Star Trek film and serves as the sequel to 2009's Star Trek. J. J. Abrams directed a screenplay written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof, based on the series of the same name created by Gene Roddenberry. Lindelof, Orci, Kurtzman and Abrams also serve as producers, along with Bryan Burk. Chris Pine reprises his role as Captain James T. Kirk, with Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Bruce Greenwood reprising their roles from the previous film. Benedict Cumberbatch, Peter Weller and Alice Eve round out the film's principal cast.

After the release of Star Trek, Abrams, Burk, Lindelof, Kurtzman and Orci signed up to produce the film. In 2011, the supporting cast was rounded out with Cumberbatch, Weller and Eve brought in to portray key roles. Filming began in January 2012. The film was shot entirely in California. The film's visual effects were handled by Industrial Light & Magic.

The film was converted to 3D in post-production. Star Trek Into Darkness premiered at Event Cinemas in Sydney on April 23, 2013 and was released on May 9, 2013 in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and parts of Europe, Peru with other countries following. Mexico next day on May 10. The film is scheduled for release on May 16, 2013 in the United States, with IMAX opening one day earlier.In Summer 2013, pioneering director J.J. Abrams will deliver an explosive action thriller that takes 'Star Trek Into Darkness.' When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew.The film's leash writers area unit intelligibly keener on the flicks than the TV programme. Abrams may be a bit senior, and sure caught re-runs of the new Trek within the life before Lead Wars came out. however the aboriginal Eighties area unit plainly a strong persuade on his utilize - bear his (kinda healthful) respect to the film maker films of the purpose.Into Scene is absolute kind theater, tho' it's no fewer engaging or fantastically rendered for that. The many medium assemblage WHO created the movie's visual effects convey that we tend to area unit at finally within the age of genuinely photorealistic CGI. careful sequences area unit digital and that don't seem to be - you'll deliver the goods a beneficial guess simply supported what's existence pictured - there area unit galore, umteen instances wherever live mechanism Associate in Nursingd CGI area unit mixed with an undetectable conjoin.

Thespian Trek Into Unenlightenment" appeared equal the rare blockbuster flick that would delight each audiences and critics. After all, reviewers swooned for JJ Abrams' 2009 re-imagining of the travels and travails of the U.S.S. Labor crew and its mission to "boldly go...," compartment you know the repose.

Free Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online The resultant brings gage the new move of Chris Pine (Capt. Kirk), Zachary Quinto (Mr. Pediatrician) et al. and adds a swish spoken villain to the combination in Benedict Cumberbatch's "Gospel Player," however if the advance reviews that political leader sound abreast of the Indecent trades and fansites this time period area unit to be believed, it fails to obtaining the spice and catecholamine of the gear medium within the rebooted franchise.

The difficulty is way there within the appellation: ‘Player Trek Into Unenlightenment' insists on its own heaviness. That it forces its assemblage by unashamedly pilfering from the massive big-screen Trek of all is unpardonable," Mr. Beaks writes. "It's thus misguided that, frankly, it makes ‘Principal Trek' ‘09 examine sort of a lightning-in-a-bottle chance event."

Despite those stinging notices, there have been fanboys and film bloggers WHO enjoyed the record. Germain Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Lussier of Slashfilm, for admonition, recognized that the sequel couldn't elastic up to its forerunner, however same it absolutely was Associate in Nursing gratifying sufficiency mate to be judged favourably on its own deserves.

"In the no. set of Topology Trek movies, the 2d cinema exceeded the initial in each approach doable. ‘Star Trek Into Duskiness' isn't ‘Anger of Khan,' Lussier writes. "It's national leader equivalent ‘The Sail Lodging'; a fun however lightheaded sequel. Plane if that scrutiny exploit zilch to you, there's a secure probability you'll savor ‘Topology Trek Into Shadow' a lot. The whole thing area unit there; regrettably they don't jazz author consequence."

The film pulls off the admirable feat of being accessible as a summer action blockbuster to the casual moviegoer whilst simultaneously offering enough reverence for its source material to appease all but the most fanatical Trekkie. Quinto's exceptionally nuanced Spock provides the intellectual and logical grounding around which all hell can and does break loose, often as a result of the rule book-shredding, all guns blazing pragmatism of Kirk. Visually the film is spectacular, spoiling again and again with lush CGI environments, photo-realistic future tech and devastating scenes of carnage, but this is nicely offset by the emotional weight of a deepening relationship between Kirk and Spock, a necessary centrepiece to add genuine purpose to the action sequences.

Chief antagonist John Harrison is an arrogantly superior villain who at first glance appears interchangeable with many a modern sci-fi/comic book heel but is fleshed out over the course of the film in to a three dimensional figure and a credible threat. In his efforts to top Star Trek, Abrams does make the bangs bigger and the stakes higher and it could be argued there are one too many moments where the characters overcome seemingly insurmountable odds which does occasionally puncture the suspense. However, overall Harrison is a figure of menace who appears capable of inflicting genuine peril and loss on the crew of the Enterprise which maintains tension throughout the film's 133 minutes.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Full movie Online Star Trek Into Dark­ness is a tremendous all-round triumph that manages to please multiple audiences simultaneously, entertains thoroughly and deserves to be one of the most successful films of 2013, as it surely will be.

Movie: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Cast: Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana

Directed by: JJ Abrams


Set for release in summer of 2013, Star Trek Into Darkness is self-described as an explosive action thriller.

Directed by J.J. Abrams, the sequel to his 2009 movie Star Trek begins with a shocking act of terrorism, committed Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online by someone from within Starfleet. In the wake of this act, the Enterprise is called back to Earth where Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) will defy regulations to lead his crew on a manhunt to capture those responsible.

That man may be John Harrison, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and described as "an unstoppable force of destruction".

As the Enterprise crew warps into the middle of a life or death chess game, their friendships will be sundered, love will be tested, and sacrifices may have to be made in order for James T. Kirk to protect the only family he has left: the members of his crew.

Early on in 'Star Trek Into Darkness', a stressed-out Jim Kirk says, "I have no idea what I am supposed to do, I only know what I can do." That line clearly emulates JJ Abrams' state of mine stepping into this film, because while the 2009 movie boldly went where no man had gone before, the second one timidly goes where most sequels have gone before.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Riddled with gigantic lapses in logic, blockbuster cliches, feeble characterisation and terrible 3D, 'Star Trek Into Darkness' is a singularly inert action movie that neither depends on the first film nor makes you wait for the (inevitable) next one. It's a standalone chunk of CGI demo that seems to have recycled ideas that were rejected back in 2009.

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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online The thousands of film team who designed the film's visible results display that we are at last in the age of truly photorealistic CGI. While it's clearly possible to perform out which areas of certain series are electronic and which are not - you can create a excellent think basically depending on what is being portrayed - there are many, many circumstances where stay activity and CGI are combined with an invisible be a part of. After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.





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Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Do they terrible. No, they convert right returning on the series' previous and munge together components from the mid-1960s TV display and the films of the beginning 1980's in a film, Into Night, that performs out like the most severe type of fan fiction: rehashing recognized a continual for the benefit of it, and without providing any new concepts to the desk.

I should not expose the Business crew's attacker - you will discover out on IMDB if you do not proper worry about spoilers - though beloved old Leonard Nimoy is once again known as out of pension, this a chance to notify his young self that their challenger is one of the most risky the unique line-up ever experienced. (Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Online) This time circular Nimoy seems to be merely on videos clip weblink, like troubled first Physician Bill Hartnell in The Three Physicians, to recommend but not to help. Please, let the inadequate man relax.

Star Trek Into Darkness Watch - Spock Senior's overall look to offer his young with information that could quickly be discovered within the ship's pc databank. And would have been in the unique sequence - is just another example of the excessive obsessive fan behavior proven by Abrams, Orci, Kurtzman and new co-writer (and film Producer) Damon Lindelof. 'We got both Spocks in. Because we can!' It cannot, absolutely, be because no one will believe this is a actual Travel film without him?

That's the least of the writers' fanboy extravagances. Into Night quotations general from one of its more well-known forerunners in particular, getting collections from the previously program. (Star Trek Into Darkness Watch Movie online) And placing them into the lips of different though appropriate figures in what becomes a large, self-aware perform out in ‘Did you, like, see what we did there? Awesome, huh?' Stating previous films once or twice gives lovers an probability to have a awesome, heated have a good laugh, but there is so much of it it quickly becomes tedious.

Download Star Trek Into Darkness - Orci, Kurtzman and Lindoff were all designed in 1973, IMDB informs me. So skipped the first three TV series' first overall look operates, but would have captured repeat in the beginning 1980's, right at enough time when the films got their own small restart following the mostly failed - but rather excellent - Celebrity Trek: The Movement Image. That renew introduced in a whole new viewers for the series, children who would evolved on Celebrity Conflicts and considered sci-fi and area safari were one and the same. Celebrity Travel went well-known, and fandom, like A linux systemunix, forked: on one part the individuals who recommended the more cerebral sci-fi of the five-year mission; on the other, those who just desired more area fights.

The film's three authors are clearly keener on the films than the TV sequence. Abrams is a bit mature, and probably captured re-runs of the unique Travel in the decades before Celebrity Conflicts came out.

Into Night is genuine area safari, though it's no less interesting or magnificently delivered for that.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free - When the crew of the Enterprise is called back home, they find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization has detonated the fleet and everything it stands for, leaving our world in a state of crisis. With a personal score to settle, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction. As our heroes are propelled into an epic chess game of life and death, love will be challenged, friendships will be torn apart, and sacrifices must be made for the only family Kirk has left: his crew. Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online Free - Fans of J.J. Abrams' Star Trek series have thus far been thrown precious few bones for Star Trek Into Darkness as far as plot details and spoilers go. Among other things, we still don't know for sure who Benedict Cumberbatch is portraying. Is it Khan? Gary Mitchell? Or someone else entirely? Fortunately for fans - which is to say, those fans who enjoy pseudo-spoiling - a newly leaked official synopsis reveals some previously unknown plot details about the sequel. Furthermore, it may lend credence to rumors about the aforementioned villain's identity.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness Online By 2010, a release date of June 29, 2012, was set, with Damon Lindelof announcing he had begun working on the script with Kurtzman and Orci Pre-production was set for a January 2011 start, though producer Bryan Burk stated that actual filming would probably begin in the spring or summer. Actor Zachary Quinto later stated that these reports were untrue. Writer Lindelof, who is also a producer, compared the sequel to The Dark Knight. Abrams, Kurtzman watch star trek into darkness online and Orci stated that seleting a villain was hard, with Abrams saying that "the universe Roddenberry created is so vast that it's hard to say one particular thing stands out". The interview also saw them discuss the possibility of Khan Noonien Singh and Klingons.Kurtzman and Lindelof stated that they had "broken" the story (created an outline) and rather than being a sequel, it will act as a stand alone film.Abrams admitted in December 2010 that there was still no script
watch Star Trek Into Darkness online:

On April 24, 2013 it was announced that British singer Bo Bruce and Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol had collaborated on a song for the film soundtrack, entitled "The Rage That's In Us All". Australian songwriter and producer, Robert Conley co-wrote a track for the film, entitled "The Dark Collide", with Penelope Austin.

You got 'em, as Paramount has revealed a new video that doesn't exactly provide a whole lot away, but supports that the 12th Star Trek does have a large factor of Starfleet fringe movement.  And that's not all, as we also have two very different new images, one presenting Alice Eve as Mom Marcus and another arranged just for beginning IMAX participants.

Over the the other day, Paramount and Bad robot have offered two formal segments from the second access in the rejiggered Trek galaxy. The first had the whole main team in on a essential choice regarding the Primary Instruction and Spock's destiny.  The second revealed off J.J. Abrams's really like of Star Conflicts with a zippy antenna pursuit over an unspecified world.
Now, thanks to The apple, we have a video that places "John Harrison" in the forefront.  It's a anxious conflict between Leader Kirk and the strange rogue, providing Chris Pine a opportunity to hardly keep his anger in examine and enabling Benedict Cumberbatch to do his low steam bad guy factor.  He does it quite well, not only providing Kirk the harmonizes to the website of some kind of Starfleet impropriety, but also exposing some very essential details about a slice of the Enterprise's team. With the inclusion of Bones McCoy and Hikaru Sulu the other day, the household Star Trek Into Darkness personality images lastly engaged all of the main team. Now, Alice Eve has her own poster as Dr. Mom Marcus.  In Star Trek II: The Anger of Khan, Mom Marcus is, of course, the mom to Kirk's kid and a researcher straight engaged in the Genesis Venture.  Here?  It's a secret.  But we do know that she usually spends a while in space-bra and space-panties.

Watch Star Trek Into Darkness full movie Online Star Trek Into Darkness, shot partly with IMAX cameras, debuts beginning in the larger structure, coming at 8:00pm on May Fifteenth, while frequent 2D and 3D adhere to on May Seventeenth.  Any fortunate moviegoer seeing an IMAX 3D display at 8pm will go house with the attractive Collection 1988 poster by Mark Englert. If you saw the IMAX prologue that performed by with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey a few several weeks returning, then you've already seen this video, or at least a a little bit different edition of it.  The video comes from very beginning in the movie, the starting activity series, which has the Business concealing marine to prevent recognition by a basic lifestyle with no knowing of Starfleet, the Federation, or high rate.  So to preserve Spock, Kirk will have to expose his deliver, breaking the Primary Instruction and placing himself in a whole lot of problems. It's fast-paced and fun, displaying that once again, JJ Abrams is starting his Trek movie with activity and feelings.  Most of all, it indicates that Star Trek Into Darkness won't part time its collection.  Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Anton Yelchin all get at least a second.  The most appealing factor here, though, is the popularity of Karl City as Dr. McCoy, who is satisfying his part as the third participant of an unlikely group of 3 with Frank Pine's Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Spock.  He gets to end factors ominously and even has a excellent "dammit, man" type of time.